Friday, April 30, 2010

Finally, we are home...

We had an amazing view from our window
Getting ready to head out!
Wow! This is really happening!
Cold Chillin.

After 51 days in the NICU in Austin, we were discharged Wednesday afternoon and we got back to Houston late that night. We are doing good overall. Mom and Dad are sleep deprived as we expected and the boys are adjusting to their new surroundings very nicely. The good news is we came home from the NICU on a feeding schedule. This has truly been a blessing. The boys appetite has gone through the roof since we got home. We are told that is due to a 6 week old growth spurt they are going through.

It feels great to finally be home and have our babies with us. We are so grateful to the people at Seton in Austin. The doctors and all of the nurses to such good care of us. We miss them already. Thanks as always to God and all of our family and friends. We can't imagine where we would be without all of your support. We love you. Now the real adventure begins!

God Bless,


Monday, April 26, 2010

The Nursery

The nursery is finally finished! Mom worked overtime making the bedding and curtains so it would all be ready for Beau and Dax! The wall art came from an awesome designer in Austin. She made the letters especially for the boys.

Now all that's missing are babies! It looks like they may be seeing their new room sooner than we thought. They are progressing wonderfully with their feedings and the Dr's are optimistic about a discharge date possibly within a week! We cannot wait to have them home! Please keep them in your prayers; we feel so close to the end of this road and the beginning of a whole new adventure.

Friday, April 16, 2010

More Pics...

Little Beau
Beau getting his hair washed
Beau is not a fan
Dax likes his bath time

A Great Week

Granny's in Heaven

Granny and Grandaddy holding the boys
Uncle Mikey holding Dax

This is probably the first week since we've had the boys that we have nothing but good news. I mainly wanted to share some great pics we have taken but an update is always just as important. The week started with Uncle Mikey coming on Saturday and Granny and Grandaddy coming to see us on Sunday. We also got to give them both a bath for the first time this week. It was a lot of fun. Well, Beau didn't have much fun but momma and daddy did. Little Beau's feedings have been increased all week. Whatever he had going on last week with his tummy it seems he has worked out. Dax is close to 5lbs and may even be at 5lbs as of today and Beau is right behind him at 4lbs10ozs. They are both in cribs now and they are doing great. Both of the boys are feeding off momma as well as a bottle for over half of their feedings. This is hopefully the last remaining hurdle for them. When they are able to eat full time off the bottle or momma, they will remove the feeding tubes and we will hopefully go home soon after. A popular question this week has been do we know when we will go home. The answer is no. It is up the the boys, God and the doctors. Leah and I keep the May 21st date firmly in our minds so that we don't get our hopes up. We want them home when they're ready.

We are so thankful for the support, love and prayers we continue to receive. God has blessed us with many wonderful people and we will never forget what everyone has done for us. Have a great weekend. We hope you enjoy the pictures.

God Bless,


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dax and Beau are one month old...

Little Beau posing with his balloon.
Proud Papa.
Little Dax with his balloon.
Beau Coleman
Dax Harrell

I spent the day with the boys yesterday while momma, her sister and her mom are spending the weekend in Houston finishing the nursery. The boys and I had a great day yesterday. Beau continues to improve. They removed his cannula on Thursday and yesterday his feedings went well and increased throughout the day. He also went the entire day without a single "Desat". Desats are common in preemies. They sometimes hold their breathes or their breathing or heart rates become irregular causing a desaturation of their blood-oxygen levels. Dax had a few yesterday but he continues to do awesome overall. Yesterday, I fed him twice with a bottle and he took almost the entire amount from the bottle! This will be one of the last and major hurdles before they are able to come home. Beau is behind Dax in this aspect with the rough week he has had but I was able to get him to eat from a bottle for a bit yesterday as well. They also both weigh roughly 4 1/2lbs.

It's hard for Leah and I to believe that the boys are a month old. It feels like we have been here much longer than a month. But God has continued to be with us. He keeps us sane and without him, none of this would be possible. We are thankful He has blessed us with the family and support He has as well as all of the incredible doctors and nurses that care for us daily. We have a new family in the NICU. It's amazing how they all have bonded with Leah and I and Beau and Dax. We will never forget any of them or the job they are doing to care for our boys. Thank God for them. I hope everyone has a great weekend. We love you.

God Bless,


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Soul Squad Update

We had another scare for little Beau the last couple of days. His stomach was very swollen yesterday which concerned the nurse practitioner and the doctor. They did x-rays and learned he had a large amount of gas/air in his belly that he was not releasing. They felt that he might be having some problems with his rectum, colon or intestines. They also said he may have a condition called Hirschsprung. This was not good news because if he would have had this, it would require surgery. They immediately stopped his feedings and put a tube down his throat to suck out the air and observed him over night.

This morning they did a follow up x-ray and another one was done at noon. These follow up x-rays revealed that he had resolved the problems in his stomach for the most part. The infection they thought might also be present was not seen on the film. Another bullet dodged it appears, Praise the Lord. They have since stopped the tube sucking air and they are going to see how he does overnight and see if his belly swells up again. He has yet another IV in which serves as the only way he is being fed. If his stomach does ok, they will resume his normal feedings some time tomorrow. We feel awful for him. He's very hungry and very upset about all of the things that are happening to him. We feel blessed though - it could have been much worse.

They also did their eye exams today which is not a pleasant experience for them but they both passed so all is good on that front.

We appreciate the continued thoughts and prayers as we continue down this path that God has laid out for us. This weekend will be the first that Leah has left the boys to go to Houston. She is going back with her mom so they (along with sissy) can finish the nursery. I will stay here to be with the boys. Please pray for safe travels and an event free weekend for the boys. We love you.

God Bless,


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 33 - Our 1st Easter together.

Happy Easter to our family. I'm sorry it's been so long since I posted. This was the first week I had to stay in Houston all week for work so I was real busy. We have had a great week with the boys overall. To start with little Beau - the doctors were unable to pinpoint exactly what was going on with him and the possible infection. They never officially ruled that he had a urinary tract infection. Whatever was going on with him, they had him on antibiotics so fast that the medicine was able to take care of whatever was ailing him. He finished his last round of medicine yesterday. He is doing great! His weight is over 4lbs now and his feedings seem to increase daily. He is no longer in his isolette so he is able to maintain his temperature on his own which is one of the things he has to do in order to go home.

Dax is also doing great. he reached the 4lb milestone today and his feedings have increased daily as well. He is also out of his isolette and doing great. He is not on any type of oxygen help (his brother is still on a cannula) which makes his momma and daddy very happy to see all of the tubes gone. Today was a big day for both of the boys. We fed them with bottles today. They didn't eat a lot of food but they did eat some. This is one of the biggest hurdles for preemies to cross. They have to be able to eat from a bottle or nipple before they are released and they don't usually grasp this until week 34.

Today is the 26th day we have been in the NICU in Austin. We continue to get amazing care from the nurses and doctors at the hospital. We are so thankful that God has put them in our lives to care for the boys. We usually spend every waking moment up there and then come home and collapse. It has begun to wear on us both and we have a long way to go but we feel so blessed they are doing so good. Thank you again to God, our family and all of our friends for the prayers and support. Have a great week.

God Bless,