Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Soul Squad Update

We had another scare for little Beau the last couple of days. His stomach was very swollen yesterday which concerned the nurse practitioner and the doctor. They did x-rays and learned he had a large amount of gas/air in his belly that he was not releasing. They felt that he might be having some problems with his rectum, colon or intestines. They also said he may have a condition called Hirschsprung. This was not good news because if he would have had this, it would require surgery. They immediately stopped his feedings and put a tube down his throat to suck out the air and observed him over night.

This morning they did a follow up x-ray and another one was done at noon. These follow up x-rays revealed that he had resolved the problems in his stomach for the most part. The infection they thought might also be present was not seen on the film. Another bullet dodged it appears, Praise the Lord. They have since stopped the tube sucking air and they are going to see how he does overnight and see if his belly swells up again. He has yet another IV in which serves as the only way he is being fed. If his stomach does ok, they will resume his normal feedings some time tomorrow. We feel awful for him. He's very hungry and very upset about all of the things that are happening to him. We feel blessed though - it could have been much worse.

They also did their eye exams today which is not a pleasant experience for them but they both passed so all is good on that front.

We appreciate the continued thoughts and prayers as we continue down this path that God has laid out for us. This weekend will be the first that Leah has left the boys to go to Houston. She is going back with her mom so they (along with sissy) can finish the nursery. I will stay here to be with the boys. Please pray for safe travels and an event free weekend for the boys. We love you.

God Bless,


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