Friday, May 28, 2010

One Month Home

MeMe came to help momma on the first Friday we were home.
Granny and Jackie helping us out while momma and daddy napped.
Uncle JZ stopped by to say hello.
Getting some couch time.

Wednesday marked one month home for the Galloways. It has been a great month overall. We are thrilled to death to have the boys home. There have been many challenges and even more long nights, but Leah and I as well as all of our family are working hard to care for these little angels. In the month we have been home, we have had many visitors over to see the boys. It has been great to have the support we have had since we've been home. We want to thank our parents and our family and well as all of the family of friends we have. We are truly blessed to have you.

Leah goes back to work in two weeks. It's a moment neither one of us are looking forward to. On Tuesday our new nanny starts. We pray daily that God has placed this person in our lives for a reason and that she will care for the boys as if they were hers.

As far as the boys. They are both approaching 9lb.s and we couldn't be more pleased. They are still adjusting to sleeping at night which means they aren't sleeping much at night. But we are resting when we can and are trusting everyone's advice that they eventually do sleep. God has truly blessed us with these healthy boys and we continue to praise him every day for it.


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  1. Lots of prayers for you guys with the new nanny! That is so hard! The boys look great!