Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day by Day

Every day brings new challenges and adjustments. Curtis has this last week off of work before heading back to Houston. Leah is out of the hospital and at home with her mom. They are adjusting to their new existence and it is hard. They are getting to hold the babies kangaroo.

Both boys are doing well. They were moved from the lamps to their own isolettes this week. They had CT scans this week. Dax looks great. There are some minor concerns with Beau that we need to be in prayer about. These are common issues and abnormalities in babies that are born as early as he was. Most of the time, they work themselves out on their own. Please pray that is the case with Beau. The little guy is a fighter like his mom and dad I know he will continue to do well.

Mom and Dad are hanging in there best they can. It's hard for us to imagine what its like seeing those boys in the hospital each day. Anxiously waiting on the doctor's reports and for the day they bring them home. Continue to pray for these Galloway miracles!

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  1. love you guys!! always thinking about you and praying.