Sunday, March 28, 2010

A quick note on Beau

We arrived at the hospital yesterday to chaos. Our nurse Rhonda informed us quickly that Beau was not doing good. He had been having breathing issues all night and most of the morning and they were very concerned. He was having shallow breathes as well as holding his breath some which is a big no no. So the doctor did his exam of him and sat us down to tell us they felt he had some sort of infection. He said they needed to test his blood, urine and do a lumbar puncture to test his spinal fluid. The tears started again...

The tests were done. He was put back on the CPAP and late yesterday afternoon we learned he has a urinary tract infection. He was on antibiotics all day yesterday and will continue to be on them until this clears up. They hope this infection clearing up will help his breathing and get him back to normal. Thanks for the continuous prayers for the little man.

Much Love,


  1. Lots of prayers for no A's and B's...the Bradies are what kept my babies in the NICU longer. May God put his arms around your boys and you guys so you feel his love!

  2. I am saying a prayer for both boys to have no more bad news.......I know yall are hurting........please give us an update as soon as you can.


    Smakar & Family